These handmade soaps are ideal for you because they are made with
vegetable glycerin soap base and they all contain pure raw honey.
Many of them contain pure untreated beeswax too.
They are all hand made, cut & wrapped.

Why vegetable Glycerin soap base?

  • Because our high quality glycerin derived exclusively from plants it is hypo allergic. Our soaps are therefore excellent choices for the face and for people with extremely sensitive skin. 
  • Vegetable glycerine is a wonderful moisturizer that allow your skin to remain hydrated for several hours after use.  
  • Glycerin is also an emollient which makes the skin feel softer and smoother, reduces roughness, cracking and irritation

If you are not using the soap, try to keep it in a cool, dry place away from the sun and the bathroom always in a plastic bag

Check it out we have new born soaps !!

Now 12 soaps -each with a character of its’ own- browse them all!!
 More are coming up... so check it up regularly...


Egg & little Easter soaps *NEW*

Look for our newest soaps specially designed for the Easter and spring season.

The little soaps contain a cute Eastery surprise that the kids will be all thrilled to collect,
while the eggs are really exciting soaps packed in a cute egg container. 

They both make the just right healthy little treat for a great smile on young faces.


Petal soaps *NEW*


What a better way to start our fresh spring with?

These soap petals may look and smell like real flower petals, but are actually individual hand soaps. You and your guests will be amazed at their beauty and practicality. Display them in your favorite soap dish or jar & place them in your bathroom for your guest to use as single hand washing soaps. Very elegant for gift giving, great on the go & make a great addition to your gift basket, as they give it the extra punch!

Ing: Vegetable glycerin soap base, honey, essential oil, vitamin E,  $5 for an apr. 15 petals & leaves


Hive treasure

Ing: Vegetable glycerin soap base, beeswax,
honey, bee-pollen, liquid glycerin, vitamin E,
beeswax printed alveol sheet,
$5 for an apr. 2.7oz soap bar

If your skin is extremely sensitive, this wonderful all natural soap is definitely for you. It is extremely rich in pure raw honey and natural untreated beeswax.

Beeswax has always been used to heal and prevent further progression of eczema, psoriasis and many other skin diseases. The pure honey helps your skin to recover and stay soft and healthy. A beeswax printed sheet gives this hive treasure a special bottom texture to help it sit upright and live longer. It provides you a soft scrub with the natural pure beeswax as well.

 This soap contains no additional herbs, essential oils, fragrances or colorants.  


Honey Loofah

Loofah natural sponge is used in spa to get you rid off the dead skin and to leave your skin soft and healthy.

This all natural soap is perfect for gardeners or dirty hand workers. It contains a natural loofah in it to give it a soft and strong scrub.

This loofah honey soap is very rich in honey to give an extra softness to the tired skin. Our loofah soap contains no additional herbs, essential oils, fragrances or colorants.

Ing: Vegetable glycerin soap base, pure honey & natural loofah. $4 for an apr. 3oz soap bar.




A real luxury aromatic natural honey soap, made, cut and wrap with extreme care.

It has 3 different layers all containing honey and ground almond. It also contains beeswax to give you the extra care your skin needs.
 A beeswax alveol sheet covers the bottom to give you an extra soft scrubbing, and to give your soap a longer lifetime.
This soap contains no additional colorants.

Watch you kids, they may try to bite in it. Mine did! 

Ing: Vegetable glycerin soap base, beeswax, honey, ground almond, almond, liquid glycerin, vitamin E,  beeswax printed alveol sheet. $5 for an apr. 4oz soap bar.




Treat your skin and your soul with this all natural wavy colored lavender soap.

Lavender promotes cell growth, accelerates the healing process and rejuvenates the skin.

Lavender also balances mood swings, lifts depression and eases anxiety. Honey and beeswax give your skin an extra unique touch, always soft and healthy.

Ing: Vegetable glycerin soap base, honey,essential oil, natural colors, vitamin E. $5 for an apr. 3oz soap bar



What better than a romantic pure scent of this rose soap?

Rose, "The Queen of the flowers", has a wonderful uplifting smell that helps with emotional insecurity and opens up the heart. 

Again, honey in this soap, like in all our natural soaps, protects your skin and sooth it.

Give this natural honey Rose soap to your beloved ones or to yourself to enjoy.

Ing: Vegetable glycerin soap base, honey, essential oil, natural colour, vitamin E
$5 for an apr. 3oz soap bar




Another all natural honey soap that softens your skin and sooths it.

On the top of honey’s benefits, this massage honey soap bar has a fresh peppermint smell that clears the brain, and keeps you alert.

The peppermint used in this soap is grown in the backyard, dried and hand grounded! What a treat! 

No additional colorants are used in this soap. 

Ing: Vegetable glycerin soap base, beeswax, honey, essential oil, home grown and dried mint, vitamin E.
$4 for an apr. 3oz  soap bar.


Baby powder


You will be thrilled to see your kids running to wash themselves with no battles!

This honey soap has a baby powder sweet smell that kids love. Your children also adore the little surprise in this sparkling soap, a friendly wooden honeybee.

Of course you will appreciate the good effects of the vegetable glycerin and that of the pure honey. A special little soap that keeps your skin soft and healthy. A soap for the whole family to enjoy! 

Again, no additional colorant is used in this soap.

Ing: Vegetable glycerin soap base, honey, fragrance, vitamin E beeswax alveol printed sheet.
$3for an apr. 2oz  soap bar.


Spicy Orange

Spicy orange is a special warm soap where orange and spices are married in a very unique way. 

 Containing beeswax and honey, this soap gives you the protection your hands need during these cold winter days. This soap contains no additional colorants.

It is beautifully wrapped with spices and a dried slice of orange for you to be proud of.

Ing: Vegetable glycerin soap base, beeswax, honey, essential oil, spices, vitamin E, dried slice of orange. $5 for an apr. 3oz soap bar.


Personalized soap 


Make your own personalized soap!! Yes personalized soap!! With bee healthy You can put a picture or even say something in a soap. You eventually choose your favorite scent as well.

These soaps are ideal for any event or occasion where you want to be unique, different  and special!!
Your imagination is the only limit... Baptism, First communion, Wedding, New baby arrival, Fundraising,... to name a few

Ing: Vegetable glycerin soap base, honey, essential oil, vitamin E.
Please call to find out more about purchase and sales pricing


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