Handmade natural beeswax candles


Burn a bee healthy beeswax candle today & enjoy a quiet evening by candlelight!

Please never burn a candle unattended
Keep away from children and pets.

 Made from pure all natural beeswax, bee healthy candles clean the atmosphere. They are warmer & burn longer than paraffin candles. You may experience a bloom on the surface of the candles 

This is naturally developed by the pure beeswax as it ages and will never harm your candle. It can be removed with a hair dryer on low or even better the candle can be left as it is for a natural antique look 


Tealights are multi-purpose, they go in your hurricane, behind your favorite "vitraille", in a special candle holder but are not afraid to stay alone as well.
Tealights are best burned in one lighting.
All our tealights come with a clear pastic cup made with a flame-resistant in wich they should be burned.  These cups are recycable and are not recommended to be reused as they may loose some of their heat-resistance. 
A reusable glass cups are also available, please ask for details.

We offer the classic plain tealights as well as a more fancy one.

Fancy tealights beeswax candle. $1.50 each

Plain tealights beeswax candle. $1.50 each

Votive beeswax candle. $5 each


Votives candles should be burned in a votive cup as they are designed to fully liquefy.

The choice of the cup should be made carefully as it can affect the quality of the burn.

It is recommended to put a bit of coarse salt in the cup before introducing the votive as it can simplify the removal of the wick and the rest of wax once the candle is all burned

Honeybee hive candles

Little honeybee hive beeswax candle
. $4each


Rolled honeycomb candles from $3 each up to $25

Rolled honey comb candles

Please never burn a candle unattended
Keep away from children and pets.


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